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Turves Green Primary School, Birmingham

Group B 23/05/18


This week group B went to Forest School and some of the children decided to find the Badger's set which their friends had told them all about. It took a long time to climb up to the top of the hill but it was amazing.   We dug around in the dirt and found some more bones to add to our collection.  We also used the bank to slide down on our bottoms.  

We  climbed up to the top of some trees and saw even more from there.  We noticed that there were some new flowers at Forest School, they were pink and tall and they were everywhere.  The bluebells had started to dry up but lots of other plants were growing in their place. 


The teachers encouraged us to follow a path to the bottom on Forest School and we saw an opening which amazed us.  We started using the things we could find, such a twigs, sticks and stones and we began to dig for treasure.  Lots of us were climbing the trees and we even taught each other the best ways to get up and down.  We found a tree stump and decided to move it to base camp, it was heavy so needed more than one person, then we decided to roll it.  Using other things that we found, we decided to make a campfire using sticks and leaves. Sticks are useful as instruments and for banging on the trees too! We can't wait for our next visit!


Group A 16/05/2018


This week group A went to forest school and the children were amazed at the amount of Bluebells in the Forest. The children also noticed lots of other new plants which had grown since they last visited.  The ferns had grown, dock leaves had grown but so had the stinging nettles. 

The children had been told about the well that the other children had found and they had heard about the badgers set which group D discovered last time. The children went on a bit of a curiosity hunt and found the well and the badgers set.  The Badgers set was on top of a big mound and it had lots of holes leading to the tunnels underneath.  It was amazing to see! 

We also found a den which looked very cosy and we think that it might be the place where a muntjac deer sleeps.

We also followed the path right down to the bottom of Forest School and found a clear piece of land with some amazing climbing trees in! We even found that the Path led us back up to basecamp! We will visit this part of forest school again.


Group D 09/05/18


Group D had an amazing trip to Forest School this week.  We noticed all of the amazing Bluebells growing and decided to find lots of the other plants growing on the site too. We even took some photos so that we could find out what they were.   Our friends in the other groups had told us all about the well they had discovered so the children in group D decided to go and find it.  They followed a track which led right up to the top of the hill and they found something amazing! It wasn't the well, it was a collection of big holes in the ground.  The children though it might have belonged to a rabbit but after a discussion we decided that the rabbit were too small for a hole like that. We discussed the different animals it could belong to.  We decided it must be a badger's set! How Exciting!  We even saw the footprints the badgers had left when the ground was really wet and muddy.  

After looking at the Badger's set we found the well our friends had told us about.  We also followed the water to see where it took us.  We ended up back down at the big puddle and even found some new trees to climb.  


We really enjoyed ourselves and couldn't wait to tell our friends what we had discovered!



Group C 02/05/2018


Group C went to Forest School this week and discovered some new things.  We walked all the way up to the top of the hill and found the well that Group B had told us about.  It was  a long way up but was exciting to see.  We also got lost (not really) and didn't know how to find our way back down.  We saw the stream of water trickling down the hill and decided to follow the stream to find our way back to the big puddle at the bottom.

We also enjoyed jumping in the big puddle, the rain had filled it up.

We found lots of new places to climb this week and we saw lots of plants including bluebells and we were very excited to find out about them.  We are even going to make some resources to help us identify all of these new plants.

Some of the children continued to build a bridge across the ditch and were seeing how far they could jump and whether they would be able to jump across the ditch.  Lots of Maths learning today. 

We can't wait until next time!


Forest School


Forest School is nearly here!

The children are so excited to start Forest School and have even had an introduction to Forest School in class.  We played some games which we will play and we learnt all about how to stay safe.  

Children all brought home a letter with the group they are in and which dates they will be going to Forest School. 

Please remember to send your child with warm clothes, socks, gloves and hat and boots on the day they are going to Forest School. 

Group A will be going to Forest School on Wednesday 15th November. Please send your child to school with warm clothes and wellies in a clearly labelled bag. 

 Forest School was brilliant!

Group A had a wonderful time at Forest School yesterday (15th November). We explored the woodland area and found lots of exciting things such as hollowed out trees, large sticks which we had to drag and small sticks which we used to dig. We found a big patch of mud and we even got stuck! Our friends had to pull us out! We also found a tree to climb. We had lots of fun and cannot wait until we go next time.  Look at the amazing photos.

Group B are going to Forest School on Wednesday 22nd November.  Please send your child to school with warm clothes and wellies in a clearly labelled bag. 

Group B had a wonderful time at Forest School (22/11/17).  The children explored the woodland and found even more things to do.  The children learnt how to move large sticks safely (by dragging them), they climbed trees, they made mud angels in the big patch of mud and even used the mud and leaves to create some art work by sticking it onto a tree trunk.  We also looked under a piece of dead wood and we found a caterpillar hiding! It was amazing to see.  We can't wait to go to Forest School again!  Look at the new photos to see how much fun we had.

 Group C are visiting Forest School on Wednesday 6th December. Please remember warm clothes.

Group C

Group C had a wonderful time on Wednesday 6th December. We explored the big muddy patch and even made a mud monster and used sticks for the arms.  The children also climbed the big tree and even helped each other to get down! What good team work.  We remembered that small sticks can be carried and large sticks had to be dragged to keep everyone safe.  Some of the children worked together to build a shelter and other children lay down in the mud and even threw leaves on each other to cover themselves up.  We can't wait for next time!

Group D is visiting Forest School on Wednesday 13th December (WEATHER DEPENDENT). Please send lots of layers of warm clothes and boots with your child.