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Turves Green Primary School, Birmingham

Year 1 Maths Learning

13th Nov 2017

So far this year we have learned so much in Maths.  We have been using tens frames, whole part diagrams and representing numbers on whiteboards.  We have also be chanting our number bonds every day to help us with our fluency. 

We have learnt how to add two numbers, three numbers and even more, together the make a total.  Why don't you ask your child if they can show how to solve an addition problem.  Some children can even show you the reverse calculation, a balance calculation and tell you what commutative means! Wow!


Week Beginning 13th November.

This week we have started our learning about subtraction.  Ask us what we know.

We look forward to showing you some of our learning at our Maths workshop on Tuesday 5th December 2017.